Well hello there! It’s been a while, but I’m back. The lack of posts recently had something to do with toiling away making baked goods for hungry students of a large public university campus here in Los Angeles. Working the graveyard shift is fine, but I found that my productive time out of work was somewhat limited. At any rate, summer is here! And I’m sleeping normal hours and feeling much more productive.

Chocolate Tart Dough Chocolate Tart Dough Chocolate Tart Shell Chocolate Tart Dough

This has been on my list of things to share for a couple of months. Make this chocolate tart for someone and they’ll for sure be impressed. My boyfriend involuntarily moaned with pleasure upon eating it. Sorry if that’s TMI (too much information). But it’s true.

Chocolate Tart Shell

So, no need to beat around the bush. Here is my moan-able chocolate tart with a chocolate tart shell as well. Because when you’re dealing with chocolate, you should just give it up and go all in, right? In fact, the recipe for the tart dough given here will make two 9-inch tarts. Trust me, you’ll want to make this again so you’ll be super glad that you have that extra tart dough in the freezer/refrigerator for next time.

Chocolate Tart Shell Eggs and Sugar Chocolate Tart Chocolate Tart

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I’ve always loved pears, although I should confess that as a kid I loved them from a can, thoroughly soaked in a sugary syrup. You see, as a kid I could never get the timing right on when a pear was ripe. I’d get a few (or mom would bring some home) and then set to eating them right away only to end up disappointed.


Later on, I tried waiting for the pears to ripen. I would wait … and wait … and wait. I thought a ripe pear should be soft — that only seemed reasonable to me. So by the time I thought the pears were soft enough to be ripe, they were in reality well past their prime.

I wasn’t that bright, evidently. It didn’t really occur to me to ask anyone, check the web, or to otherwise find out how to tell if a pear was ripe. I just assumed that the pears I was buying were not great pears. I blamed the pears. [click to continue…]


Mexican-Style Braised Shortribs

October 30, 2012
Shortrib Tinga

Most of the things I write about are sweets or veggies. But when the weather turns, comfort foods tempt even the best of us. Heck, I’m going to be wearing a sweater for the next 4-6 months, so why not indulge a little? This recipe is one of my favorite indulgences. Slowly-braised boneless beef shortribs […]

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Watermelon/Grapefruit Agua Fresca

October 18, 2012
Watermelon/Grapefruit Agua Fresca

Okay, folks. I know that we are quickly coming up on Halloween and that Fall is in full force. Any responsible recipe-blogger would be filling up the site with recipes using butternut squash, sage, pumpkin pie spices, and the like. And I intend to. But it’s hot here. Very hot. It’s always a bit of […]

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French Lentil Soup

October 13, 2012
French Lentil Soup

Hello Fall! The new season has brought a lot of new beginnings for me — a new job, a new decade of life, and lots of new opportunities. I hope that you are settling into a productive and happy end of the year as well! One of the best things about the weather turning is […]

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Crumb-Topped Raspberry Muffins

October 4, 2012
Crumb-topped Raspberry Muffins

Hello readers! It’s been a bit longer between posts than usual, but I was on a trip to France getting some inspiration for things to come on Kitchen Gusto! Check out my Twitter feed to see some of the amazing pastries that I sampled in Paris. But now that I’m back, I’m celebrating home. And […]

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