July 2012

Ratatouille à la Julia Child

July 26, 2012

My new obsession is actually a resurgence of an old one. I (like many, many others) owe a good deal of what I know about cooking and baking to Julia Child. My copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking is about as beat-up as a cookbook can get, although I really enjoy and use […]

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Plum and Mango Coconut Crumble

July 23, 2012
Plum and Mango Coconut Crumble

Crumbles, cobblers, and crisps are popular for a reason. They are an insanely easy way to showcase the beauty of fresh fruit and they take less time and work than a pie. You can also really experiment with your ingredients and come up with amazing fruit combinations. One of my all-time favorites is this plum […]

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Chilled Pea and Yogurt Soup

July 19, 2012
Chilled Pea and Yogurt Soup

Since I recently wrote a post about making a delicious light version of a guacamole with frozen peas, I thought it time to share another of my favorite things to do with frozen peas. Make soup! In the cooler months, pea soup at Kitchen Gusto generally consists of some chicken or vegetable stock, frozen peas, […]

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Tigrés (Tiger Cakes)

July 16, 2012

Rarrrgh! This makes me want to re-watch Little Miss Sunshine. Abigail Breslin as Olive Hoover is just about the cutest thing ever. And she can really growl! This is basically what was happening in Kitchen Gusto while I was making these awesome little cakes. They are called tigrés in French. The considerable amount of chopped chocolate […]

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Quinoa, Spinach, and Parsley Salad with Creamy Lemon Vinaigrette

July 13, 2012
Quinoa and Spinach Salad

Quin-what? Close. Quinoa, pronounced keen-wa, is a grain/seed. You can cook it exactly as you would cook rice. It’s growing in popularity because of the trend for gluten-free foods, but it’s been around forever. Like a few thousand years according to Wikipedia. Something about it screams of the 1970′s health-food store to me. I picture […]

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Guacamole Light

July 9, 2012
Light Guacamole

I may have to rename this website Desserts and Dips, as that seems to be where it’s headed. I have done some other things, like this Salade Niçoise, and this Tomato Salad, but so far, those are the only exceptions. To be honest, I could probably live on dips and desserts alone, especially if a […]

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