Disclosure Statement

May 26, 2012


This is a personal blog and is written by me, Kyle Gehrmann. There is not paid advertising except in the sidebars or where clearly evident, although some of the links in the posts are Amazon links. (See below.)

Because this is my personal blog, there are no sponsored posts, meaning that I write about what I choose to write about, and cash is never accepted as enticement to write about something.

If you subscribe to the site and receive updates by e-mail, that service is provided by Feedburner, which also uses an opt-in system; if you receive e-mail updates, it is because you have opted-in for that service. Follow the procedures in each e-mail to unsubscribe if you wish.

Cookbooks & Recipe Attribution

Because this site is dedicated mostly to food and cooking, I will often write about a cookbook, or adapt a recipe from one.

I follow the attribution guidelines found at Food Blog Alliance, written by long-time and well-respected food blogger, David Lebovitz. Those guidelines are standard throughout the cookbook industry and amongst food writers.


As mentioned above, I don’t accept monetary compensation from individual advertisers for their products to appear in my blog posts. I am, however, an Amazon affiliate, like many others people, which allows people like me to promote products I like that can be obtained through Amazon or its affiliates. I think Amazon is pretty awesome, and the links to products there are because I have chosen to specifically recommend that item.

Ad Networks

I am not at this time a member of any advertising networks.

But I do use Google AdSense, a third-party ad system, which is keyword-based and reacts automatically to the content which is presented on the site. I do not control the ads that appear, nor could I, because the way it works is that everyone sees different ads based on what Google thinks you want to see. If you are angry about one of the Adsense ads for some reason, click on the Adsense link near the ad and you can tell Google about it.


The views and opinions expressed on this blog are those of me, and are based on my experience. I may try to be funny at times, and I may fail in your opinion. My intention is not to offend anyone, as that is not what I am about. But please understand that my sense of humor and yours may not always exactly correlate.

Please do not substitute my statements about a product for those of the manufacturer — if you have a specific question about a product, you should contact the manufacturer.

Answers to other administrative questions can be found by reviewing my Privacy Policy, my Comment Policy, my Terms of Service. I know, right, it’s a lot, but I have practiced law for quite a while……